Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all of your designs bespoke (custom)?
Yes, each client receives custom branding to produce a unique look and feel. This branding is used in both the shop and item templates, we also carry this through to your website.
Do you install the shop in eBay?
Yes, we install the shop design for you, making sure all pages display correctly in all browsers.
How do you charge for your work?
We require a 50% deposit to start your project, the balance to be paid on completion and “sign off”.
After the design and development fee is paid are there any additional ongoing costs?
Yes, there is a £13.95 fee per month which will cover access to our template editing software, hosting, and updates. This price is standard across the board and includes hosting of multiple templates, unlimited product images and your website.
What does hosting your template and shop mean?
For the template images to appear in your listings, they need to be ‘hosted’ so that they are ‘served-up’ and visible to your buyers. Template images and code are stored on our servers or you own if you prefer.
Can I use the design elsewhere?
Yes, all rights to the graphics are passed over to you. We will supply the graphics to you on request.
Can I update shop categories and pages myself?
Yes, our designs and code work with eBay’s interico face which means that anything you currently do with your shop you will be able to do with the new one.
I have my own logo, can I add this to a pre-made template?
Yes, we can incorporate any branding that you currently have.
Can I add more images to the template?
Yes, you can add up to 6 images to the main body of your template. These are arranged with 6 thumbnails and one main image.
How long does it take to get my item template, shop and website up and running?
We aim to complete a full package with 30 days from order.
Can you look at my listings and tell me what you think I need
We will always look at what you currently have listed and advise on what route we believe you should take with a new design concept.
Can I use your template in Turbo Lister?
Yes, our coding and design is fully compatible with Turbo Lister.
Do I need to know HTML?
No, our item template software takes care of that for you.
I already have a look and feel in mind, can you do this for me?
Yes, we will always ask for your input if you have an idea to start with.