Marketing. You need to be aware of how you are doing to see whether your methods are working or not.

It would seem to be an excellent idea to get involved in a particular site and start making connections all over the place. But along with perseverance and effort, you must also be prepared to MONITOR your results.

Let’s say you resolve to try all three of the sites I mentioned earlier. After three or four weeks take a look at how you are doing with each one. Are you getting the results you wanted? Or is one site not working too well for you?

If this is the case, don’t drop it. Take a closer look and see what you have been doing that could be at fault. If the methods you have tried so far haven’t been working, you need to find an alternative way to connect with that audience. Each site attracts certain types of people, and what may work well in one place could fall flat on its face elsewhere. So be aware, experiment, review and revise as necessary to get the best results.

You also need to be honest and ask yourself whether you have been putting enough effort in. This is one reason why using the Firefox browser with the required add ons is such a good idea. It serves as a constant reminder that you need to log in and get active within that community.

So don’t expect great results in a short period. Expect sensational ones within a longer period instead – and believe me; it’s entirely possible.